My Services & Fees

I offer face to face counselling to adult individuals and couples/relationship counselling.

Also telephone counselling and sessions via Skype or Facetime to adult individuals where appropriate.

Counselling sessions are for 50 minutes. The frequency and number of sessions is something we would discuss and agree on, in line with your own goals and requirements.

Fee per session:        £45.00 for individual.                £60.00 for couple/relationships.

Confidentiality/Professional Liability:

As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), I abide by their code of ethics and professional practice. Please refer to an example of my agreement/contract for further details.

What you may expect:

An experience where you will hopefully feel unhindered in expressing and exploring any concerns or distress you may be feeling.  Where the essence of having your ‘story’ heard in an uninterrupted, non-judging, non-fixing, open-hearted and minded manner, may help you find your way forward.

Part of my ethos around counselling is that each and every one of us is potentially our most valuable and effective resource.

Therefore I do not see myself as an ‘expert’ and my role here is not to give advice, suggestions or even guidance….but to help you access your own inner resources to find a way to deal with issues that might currently be preventing you from trying to live the life you’d like to.

That issue may be specific and/or related to a single experience or may be more general, such as an unexplained loss of confidence or motivation to ‘deal with the small stuff’.

Through acknowledging, validating and empathising with your thoughts and feelings, I would aim to explore and identify with you, the changes you can make in order to move forward.

I do this in a non-directive manner – allowing you to steer and dictate the pace, focus and the content of your counselling session.